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Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Javascript Hack brings Flash on the iPhone

Flash on the iPhone isn't happening anytime soon. But Tobias Schneider, a programmer from Munich, Germany has developed a JavaScript workaround that is able to run Flash natively on the iphone, but it still has it's limitations...........

The script, named Gordon, doesn't enable full flash support for the iPhone rather hacks the Flash webpage into serving files through JavaScript which can easily be run on mobile Safari. However, for it to work, the website owners must incorporate the code on each and every webpage where they want the Flash files to be able to play on iPhone.
Apart from the limitations mentioned above, this puts a negative impact on the iPhone CPU, increasing the usage and decreasing the battery life considerably. Though since it's a server-end hack, this does not require the iPhone to be Jailbroken. Head over to this page on iPhone for a live demo.
The script is open-source and available here. Interestingly! it's the year when two million Flash developers will make their way to the iPhone platform thanks to the Adobe CS5 which includes a native 'Packager for iPhone' to let developers deploy their Flash apps on the iPhone.


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