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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Apple IPad Sold Out Completely Already !!!

The pre-orders for the iPad began only two weeks ago and it seems like Apple has already run out of it's first-week stock of the iPads.........

Means that only users who have pre-ordered their iPads already will receive it by April 3rd and ones who plan to order it from today onwards will receive their ipad shipment no sooner than 12th April asApple prepares for it's second-week stock. As for more, the option to "Pick-up at Local Apple Store" is no longer available during purchase.
The news indicates how enthusiastically the users are welcoming the launch of the iPad. Estimates also indicate that Apple has managed to sell almost around half a million iPads already. Those waiting for the WiFi + 3G of the iPad would have to wait till late April.


legend said...

Nice...people like apple ipad.

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