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Friday, March 19, 2010

Apps Migration Tool for Microsoft Exchange Launched by Google

Google seems to be speeding in the war for products related to software, OS, apps and much more. Just recently announced, the Internet search giant has rolled in a great service for small businessusers...........

Users can now switch from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps quietly which seems to be a big challenge for Microsoft Office to stay in the market for long. Google launched its latest server-side tool called the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange, which helps you migrates easily as the app name defines.
According to Google, the migration takes minutes to take place which is just four steps long. The app also has the ability to import data in phases which makes it easier to bring in data if data is long enough. Information which you select and deem to be imported can also be done as you are provided the option to make a choice. The tool works with Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007 and is offered free to those who have already subscribed to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition.
Just a few weeks after the acquisition of DocVerse, a company which allows Microsoft Office users to edit their documents on the web, Google has confirmed services and users will be able to edit documents online. Small business will surely look for Google products rather Microsoft as the company leaves no area for Microsoft to re-capture the market in near future. Almost two million companies worldwide are now using Google Apps which guarantees that Google Apps is ready forsmall businesses.
The Google Apps Marketplace is managed by the partners who are building unmatched cloud-based application. More than 50 companies have already signed up and are ready to contribute their services for Google. The company says that it wants to rely on the partner for building business application, an area where it lacks expertise. Only 20% share would come to Google while the remaining would belong to the partners which is quiet an incentive.
With the latest tool from Google, customers are surely going to make a switch from Microsoft.


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