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Monday, April 12, 2010

New Twitter App For Blackberry

Poor Blackberry users had to rely on third-party Twitter client such as UberTwitter to share their status updates with the rest of the world; but not anymore!........
The official Twitter app for the Blackberry is now available and it makes Blackberry users feel at home with the native color-scheme, features and interface of the app. Here is the official announcement from the Twitter blog:
Today we are excited to announce that RIM has launched the official Twitter for BlackBerry app and can be downloaded for free at
The official Twitter app for Blackberry does everything from real-time Blackberry push of Twitter direct-messages, to notifications about mentions and tweet updates. Also seen in the app is a camera and photo gallery integration, browser integration for Tweeting links and a search option to look for users, content, and trending topics.
The app has been made by RIM in collaboration with Twitter. Head over to to download the app to your device.


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