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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chrome Web Apps Store

Chrome Web Store was announced at the Google I/O conference today, which happens to be the biggest developer conference of the year. The event was fully booked 10 weeks in advance!. .......

The web store is supposed to make browser based applications and games easier to find so that they can be experienced by a larger audience of internet users, web developers and gamers.

                                          Breach of Trust     Street Chrome, HD Web     

The store will feature games like Plants vs Zombies and LEGO Star Wars which can be installed on to your browser. A demo featuring the above mentioned  games was shown at the conference.

The store will sell games via a secure payment system, it will also host free downloadable content. This was announced during the first day of the two-day conference. Lets see whats “in-store” for us tomorrow.

The store is supposed to be launched later this year although an exact date was not reveled. The Chrome Web Store page can be found here

For more information regarding the store and other announcements that were made during the first day of the conference visit the store page or this detailed article on StreetInsider.                                                  


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